Working Papers

"Local Labor Market Conditions and Disability Insurance Take-up: Evidence from the Pacific Northwest"

(Submitted, Under Review)

Using a quasi-natural experiment generated by environmental protections in the Pacific Northwest, I study the impact of declining local labor markets on the take-up of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). I estimate the elasticity of SSDI benefits to employment to be -1.53 and the elasticity of benefits to earnings to be -0.74. Both are more than double prior estimates. Treated counties experience a $3.23-3.28 million rise in annual SSDI benefits and a $2.43-3.72 million increase in annual UI benefits relative to counties without protections.

Work in Progress

"Disability Insurance Take-up in Dual-income Households"

"Disability Insurance as a Bridge to Retirement" with Jim Albrecht and Susan Vroman